Are you a new mom who is wondering how you will ever find time for yourself again?

Is your body starting to hurt from carrying your little one all day?

Are you wondering how it's possible for a 10lb bundle of joy to wreak so much havoc on your mind + body?!

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3 Simple Routines to take you from Anxious & Overwhelmed to Calm & Centered!


Baby Nursery Yoga - yoga stretches for mama using nursery room props
Mama + Baby Yoga - yoga to help mama + baby connect and bond
Bedtime Yoga - evening wind down yoga for tired mamas

*Each video is 10-15 minutes long, perfect for busy mamas on the go! :)

Self care is vital for us as women, especially as mothers! It's impossible for us to take good care of our babies, if we are not taking great care of ourselves first.

These yoga routines will help you find simple ways to incorporate self care and movement into your daily routine with your baby. You will feel more relaxed and centered and be better prepared to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood!

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Take some time out for you, mama. You deserve it!

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